The endangered golden-cheeked warbler is making news again.  Some groups in the state believe that the bird must be removed from the endangered species list, and hence open up land for urban development. Last time around (in 2015), the USFWS did not find sufficient evidence that the species had recovered enough to be taken off the list. The fact remains that Athrey et al showed in 2011 that the genetic diversity had declined so steeply in the past 100 years, making it quite unlikely that any recent demographic recovery has  accompanied by genetic recovery. The magnitude of declines in genetic diversity and increase in population differentiation observed would require tens of generations at least to approach historical levels. Such recoveries are unlikely to happen in a span of 5 or 10 years. Any assessment that includes the published genetic data would agree that golden-cheeked warblers need to remain on the list. I spoke to the San Antonio Express News for an article that appeared March 9th that says as much.