Two PhD positions are available for a start date of Fall 2015 in the lab of Dr. Giri Athrey at the Department of Poultry Science, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. The main foci of research in the Athrey lab is to address fundamental questions relating to avian biology and health using genetic and genomic techniques, that have implications for both basic science and industry oriented interests. Current research projects on which students will work will include chicken immune system modulation by gut microbiome, using experimental transcriptome studies to understand specific aspects of avian innate immunity, and using comparative studies to improve the annotation of the chicken genome.

Prospective students must have an interest in genetics (prior experience not necessary). Students will also be expected to become competent in statistical analysis and some computational methods necessary for the research we do in our lab.

Who Can Apply (qualifications)?

Minimum: B.S degree in Poultry Science, Animal Science, Biology, Genetics, or equivalent.

Preferred: Masters degree of equivalent work experience in Poultry Science, Animal Science, Biology, Genetics or comparable.

How to apply?

Please contact Dr. Athrey (details given below) by email or phone to get further details, and also to learn how to apply for these positions.

Dr. Giri Athrey, PhD

Assistant Professor of Avian Genetics and Functional Genomics

Department of Poultry Science

Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas

Phone: 979-845-2994


About Texas A&M University, College Station:

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas is the fourth largest university in the United States, and the flagship university of the Texas A&M system. TAMU was recently ranked 24th in the United States for R&D funding and #1 in the nation for an Agri-school by the National Science Foundation. There is a very dynamic and exciting group of people working at Texas A&M, with several interdisciplinary programs – such as the Genetics, and the new Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program, which offers terrific opportunities for interaction and collaboration.