Chromosomes, meet Coding

Inspired by nature, applying the knowledge of genomics, for the purpose of bettering the world.

PSA Montreal

Just returned from the Poultry Science Association annual meeting in Montreal, Canada. We had a strong […]

Athrey lab receives federal award to survey Golden-cheeked Warbler genetics

We received a an grant from the Department of Defense – US Army Corps of Engineers […]

Shawna Hubert defends Ph.D thesis

Shawna Marie Hubert, first graduate student of the Athrey Lab successfully defended her Ph.D thesis today. […]

Athrey lab receives USDA grant to investigate the genomic basis of Wooden breast

Yes! We received a USDA-NIFA award for three years to investigate the genomic and functional basis […]

Chicken circadian-microbiota paper published

Our first paper on circadian rhythms and microbiota acquisition under extended photoperiods is now published. Circadian […]

Darwin Day 2019

We had a great Darwin Day this year. Our lab put in a strong show – […]

Genomics & Bioinformatics 2019

I am teaching my genomics & bioinformatics (graduate) course this spring. It has gone well in […]

2018 wrap up

As 2018 comes to an end, I am going to be out of office the rest […]

New paper from collaborative research

Pleased with the publication of a new paper by TAMU Animal Science student Jennifer Riser, to […]

New paper on Red Junglefowl Genetics

Our first paper on Red Junglefowl captive population genetics has been published in the Journal PeerJ. […]