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CEIF Meeting in Springdale

On November 15th, our lab team and graduate students Kamaryn Beamsley, Elizabeth Holda, and Mollie Cobb […]

Travis Williams Defends Ph.D.

On August 15, Travis Williams, a dedicated and important member of our laboratory since 2017, successfully […]

Welcoming Cara Cash to Our Lab

Welcoming Cara Cash to Our Research Team In January 2023, our lab welcomed Cara Cash as […]

New grant to investigate antimicrobial resistance

Athrey lab was awarded a Vector Seed Grant to investigate the role of insect vectors in […]

New chicken genomics paper

Our latest paper on the role of lighting in stimulating immune responses following vaccination in chicken […]

New pub: cloacal swab microbiota

Cloacal swabs, commonly used as a proxy of gut microbiota membership in birds, are really poor at capturing the membership and community structure of lower GI tract microbes in chicken.

New pub on chicken gut microbiota

Our latest article on chicken gut microbiota was published in the journal Animals. In this work, […]

PSA Montreal

Just returned from the Poultry Science Association annual meeting in Montreal, Canada. We had a strong […]

Shawna Hubert defends Ph.D thesis

Shawna Marie Hubert, first graduate student of the Athrey Lab successfully defended her Ph.D thesis today. […]

Chicken circadian-microbiota paper published

Our first paper on circadian rhythms and microbiota acquisition under extended photoperiods is now published. Circadian […]