I really enjoy interacting with students in general, and classroom based teaching. I view my own thoughts and approaches to teaching as one long ongoing pedagogical experiment. Students in my courses will often see me trying new approaches to make their experience more engaging and memorable. At present I teach three graduate level courses and one undergraduate course.

Spring semesters:

POSC/EEBL 689 – Genomics and Bioinformatics. 4 Credit hours. 

This course is designed to be a primer to the field of genomics and bioinformatics. The intended audience for this course is biological sciences /agriculture and life sciences graduate students who are interested in incorporating methods from genomics and bioinformatics into their research.

POSC 681 – Graduate Seminar. 1 Credit hour

This required course on the graduate curriculum focuses on preparing for the job market, and developing visual/oral presentation methods.

EEBL 605 – Population and Quantitative Genetics. 1 Credit hour [Co-taught with Charles Criscione and Michel Slotman]

This is a modular course focusing on introducing topics from population and quantitative genetics to PhD students in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program.

Fall semesters:

POSC 414 – Avian Breeding and Genetics. 3 Credit hours

This is a required course on the undergraduate curriculum. The focus on this course is to equip undergraduate students with the fundamentals of genetics, and to relate them to applications in modern animal breeding and quantitative genetics.